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Awards & Recognition

Dummy Essentials grabs the award for the Top 10 Best Looking Blogs of 2010, awarded by Warlock Media. Click HERE to read more. Dummy Essentials won the Prestigious "Blogger's Choice Awards 2009" for "The Best Geek Blog" category Dummy Essentials were also the Winners in "Blogger's Choice Awards 2009" for "The Best Blog Design" category We were also ranked as the "First Runner-Up" in "Blogger's Choice Awards 2009" for the categories:
  • Best Blog About Stuff
  • Best Education Blog
This one was for, "Best Blog" (overall) category for the "About Web Search 2010 Reader's Choice Awards - 2010". Click HERE for the details. Dummy Essentials features in one of the leading online business publications of Romania, DailyBusiness.ro Click below to follow up on the excerpts taken from the interview. To read the translation of the same, click: HERE Dummy Essentials scoops, the About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2010- Best of Google for the Best Blogger/Blogspot 2010 (click to read the details over HERE) Dummy Essentials is also honored to be chosen as a Pretty Blog Design Thanks Kristen :-) Dummy Essentials also features as the"Most Popular Blog of the Month" - Ranked at "Blog Ratings" Thanks to all who nominated and voted for Dummy Essentials!

Congrats on your wins.. Long way to go.

wow i love this layout and congrats on your dominance.
please help me with my blog layout as well. i am on blogger :P

Congos dearo...

al da best for future!

@Amogh Upadhyay
Certainly Amogh, it will be a pleasure sharing whatever we have learnt in the process so far :) and yes, thanks!

@Rohit Rajpal
Thanks a lot, Rohit :)

great going guys! keep it up, your blog deserves to win everytime.

Congratulations guys, actually you deserve it. SO keep it up

Well done!

Mark Rodseth

@Andy: @Maroo: @Mark:
Thank you.

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