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Dummy Essentials Features In Top Online Business Magazine DailyBusiness.ro

It is an honor for Dummy Essentials to get featured in a Romanian online magazine, DailyBusiness.ro one of the leading online business publications of Romania. Dummy Essentials was interviewed a few days after winning the prestigious Blogger's Choice Awards 2009 for two categories. To follow up on the excerpts taken from the interview, you may click on the image below:
Here's a snapshot captured from the article published in the magazine. Only the details mentioned for Dummy Essentials are shown. To check the original article, mentioning the other 3 sites and details about them, kindly visit HERE. (click on the image to read the original size) For those of you, who would be more comfortable reading the same in English, here's the translation: (The original Romanian text has been translated word by word. We have only translated the text related to Dummy Essentials): How to get to the real success and online: Las advice for Romania, from Big 4 international sites. How many local online entrepreneurs would not want to reach 2 million unique visitors per day, to win international awards, fame, money and default? DailyBusiness.ro discussed with representatives of large international projects to see where it comes from their success, which guides the strategic thinking and what advice i have for online site in Romania. We selected four projects that have blogs and international flavor that won awards and, over time, developed into real businesses online, surpassing the status of simple project or personal page. In short: - Dummy-Essentials.blogspot.com offers tutorials written in plain language to help users solve their technology dilemmas. The blog has been chosen as "Best Geek Blog" and "Best Blog Design" in 2009, following the votes received in a competition online. - If I write only tips `n` tricks, visitors would come, would read, would leave the next day. We offer concrete solutions, easy to enforce - founder - We should not promise "the salt sea" and then not get up to expectations. Even if the traffic will increase on time, it won't help in the long-term - We do not do reviews unless we really believe that the products are good, doing otherwise we would lose our readers. - You have to stay 'on topic' in a blog. If you get to write about anything you find interesting, that would just induce confusion among readers. Indian IT blog wants to conquer the world. In May 2009, two passionate about technology in India, one of the countries' twinned with Romania "the evolution of the Internet, have proposed to launch a blog to help people" of all "to resolve their everyday problems that related to personal computers. Thus, Dummy-Essentials.blogspot.com offers tutorials written in plain language to help users solve their technology dilemmas. Articles cover solutions on Microsoft Windows, Linux or MS Office 2007. The blog has been chosen as "Best Geek Blog" and "Best Blog Design" in 2009, following the votes received in a competition online. "Blogging, though, more than a financial source, is a hobby for us. In everyday life I work in software development and Ankit Srivastava is a financial analyst," says the DailyBusiness.ro Pooja Singh, one the co-founders blog. They consider that part of the beginning of the blog's good is because people can easily put into practice what they explain in the post. "If I write only tips` n `tricks, visitors would come, would read, and would leave the next day. If we place practical solutions, easy to implement, they are back and to read and follow" Says Pooja Singh, who they say have already begun to receive many emails and messages from readers who ask things. The blog has been noted by several institutions and educational sites in the world, among them Detentionslip.org largest U.S. educational blog. "Many other sites have put a link to us, helping us so clearly. 17% of traffic comes from Europe. "There's only one big 'secret' in blogging. To be interactive, to communicate with your readers. We should not promise" the salt sea "that then do not get up to expectations. Even if traffic will increase on time, not long-term help, "said the turn and Ankit Srivastava. The main sources of income for Dummy Essentials are advertising and paid reviews or promotion of new software products. "We do not do reviews unless we really believe that the products are good, otherwise we would lose our readers. As in Romania, Internet penetration in India grow stronger from year to year. Since 2000, the increase was 1500%. Currently, Internet penetration in India is 7% of the population, meaning about 88 million people. "It is an appropriate time for the start of online projects in India," say the two. Three tips `n` tricks on IT blogs Before writing any site-ul/blogul on IT, it is imperative that the owners themselves test the software or hardware. If limited to compile reviews as many other sites, might be tempting, but would lack the originality. "Only if you're writing from your own observations and you get something new , should you", say the two. Second, the bloggers should not blog everything they find interesting at the moment of its creators. "You have to stay 'on topic' blog. If you get to write about anything you find interesting you would induce confusion among readers. Third, it matters very much to succeed as effectively nisezi field of activity. "If you want a blog just about IT tips for the uninitiated, stay at that level all the time, otherwise your audience dissipate. When you choose what niche you want to approach, you must be 100% sure you like what you write, otherwise you will remain in short time without issues. As suggestion for start-ups like, Pooja Singh and Ankit Srivastava say "must start from below and slowly. Rome was not built in a day. Do not run to promote your blog anywhere, but choose sites where people really are interested in the topics addressed by you. In our case, the technology forums. Twitter is very fashionable these days, but one must be careful what messages you send. If you twit dozens daily, it would tire people reading those and in turn you would be ignored. Send only what is truly relevant to them. It goes for Facebook and other social networks too. The above are the excerpts from an interview with Dummy Essentials team, by Alex Goaga, editor of DailyBusiness.ro, The interview took place on 1st February, 2010 and was published in the magazine on 13th February 2010.

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