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Vlookup In MS Excel 2007

Lets talk today about performing vlookup in MS Excel 2007. Here we will explain how to do a vlookup on the same page and how to do a vlookup on different sheets. Before we start there are a few ground rules: • In order to do a vlookup most important is that the variable on which you are doing a vlookup is to the left of the variables you want to bring out. • The variable should be of the same format as required in the output. • Vlookup always happens from left to right and not vice versa. • Always ensure that the range on which vlookup is done is an absolute cell reference.

Now lets start. Here we have two sheets called the “Base Sheet” and the “Output Sheet".

Once you have locked the cells as an absolute cell reference, copy and paste the formula in the rows below. Now you are done with the vlookup. All the data is now available in the format you wanted.

Now, in order to do a vlookup on a different sheet or on a different file use the same method. The only difference would be while doing on a different sheet it will give the reference of that sheet or that file from where we are doing the vlookup. Also do keep a check on that you have locked the cells of the range from where you are doing the vlookup.

Once you are done with the vlookup in a cell on a different sheet, copy and paste the same formula in the other rows as shown below.


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