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The Start Menu

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You can find the "Start" menu button in the bottom-left corner of the desktop, where it’s always ready for action. By clicking the Start button, you can start programs, adjust Windows XP’s settings, find help for sticky situations, or thankfully, shut down Windows XP and get away from the computer for a while. This is what it looks like:
Standard items that you will find in "Start" menu are: Internet Explorer: Clicking on it gives you an entry into the Internet. Outlook Express: This is to send or receive e-mail. Recently Used Programs: The Start menu lists your six most frequently used programs’ icons above the Start button for easy clicking.
My Documents: By default your documents are stored here so you’ll know where to find them later. My Pictures: You can keep your digital pictures in this folder. Each picture’s icon is a tiny thumbnail image of its picture. My Music: You can store your digital music in here so Media Player can find and play it more easily. My Computer: This displays your computer’s storage areas: folders, disk drives, CD drives, digital cameras, and other attached goodies. My Network Places: If your computer connects with other computers through a network, you can click here to visit them. Control Panel: This lets you adjust your computer’s settings. Help and Support: This is an encyclopedia to your Windows XP. Search: When you can’t find something on your computer, click here to make Windows find it. Run: This launches a program if you type in its precise name and location. Log Off: Clicking here lets somebody else use the computer, or saves your work and let the computer rest until others use it. Turn Off Computer: Click this button to restart the computer, turn it off, or let it sit resting in Standby mode.
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