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Happy 1st Birthday, Dummy Essentials!

Today, it's been a full year since Dummy Essentials team [Pooja and Ankit] first got on stage and on this date, a year ago, Dummy Essentials entered into the world of Blogosphere! This year has certainly been a fascinating ride. For the past year, we've had the pleasure and the challenge of bringing forth tutorials related to your PC in a completely new light. It has been a pleasure to place them in the 'dummy style', in an easy to understand manner, fit enough for novice and geeks alike and to solve PC related problems of all our readers, to the best of our ability.
Our Achievements in the last 1 year range from publishing 172 Posts covering a wide variety of topics to help you learn and cope with your PC better. Added to which we received hundreds of comments and emails from our readers to make our blog a more interactive one. This made our list of loyal followers and readers grow to 400 + each and we received close to 60,000 visits from all these countries.
Dummy Essentials won the Prestigious "Blogger's Choice Awards 2009" for 2 of its categories: The Best Geek Blog 2009 and The Best Blog Design 2009, besides being the First Runner-Up for the other 2 categories in the list: Best Blog About Stuff and Best Education Blog. We also won the About Web Search 2010 Reader's Choice Awards for the Best Blog of 2010 as an all rounder. Dummy Essentials featured in one of the leading online business publications of Romania, DailyBusiness.ro, for being one of the most popular blogs across. Dummy Essentials has a Google Page Rank of 4, at present. We hope to take it further up, in the coming months. We’d like to thank all the followers and readers of Dummy Essentials who have made this blog the success that it is today. We’d like to invite you back for another amazing year of learning computers, just the way you want to. And if you have not done so already, please subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. We hope you’ll celebrate with us by taking a look back through the archives. Please use the comments section below to share links to your favorite posts and suggest future topics.

Happy Birthday to you :-)
I follow you with pleasure. Thanks to your blog I try to learn many things.

Congrats & Continued Success!
I think my favourite so far is the 'Disk Defragmenter could not start' article. I was facing a lot of problem and could not find an appropriate solution anywhere but here. Thanks and keep up the good work
-- Mark

Congratulations on your blog’s first anniversary. I think that you are doing an outstanding job with it. I enjoy most of your posts, the explanation part goes well with me. Please continue posting. Linda

Congratulations DE team! This is an amazing website which cover all your needs. I wish you success. Happy 1st bloggiversary!

good job buddy !!!

Happy Birthday to you :-)

Happy Birthday :)

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Hi its really very nice blog i enjoyed a lot to visit.

work at home

Congratulations DE team! This is an amazing website which cover all your needs. I wish you success. Happy 1st bloggiversary!

Thank you all :) your kind and encouraging words keep us going :)

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