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Reason Why Only One Anti-Virus Program Should Be Used On a PC

An anti-virus program is a very advanced piece of software specifically crafted to detect advanced, sneaky, irritating viruses which are designed to hide deep inside the operating system. Anti-virus tools themselves are sometimes designed to be sneaky to help find these viruses. Due to this fact, the presence of two anti-virus tools, could lead to confusion, false detections and chew up significantly more CPU resources and therefore may slow down system performance, than if it were running by itself. Most anti-virus tools also have a database with virus "signatures" in it. Some anti-virus tools may think that this is actually an infected file and may force the user to do things which could later destabilize the system. Thus its advisable to stick to just one anti-virus program for your PC to respond to it better.

Greta work dear , So simplified...

I am loving it...

I am your fan..
Keep updating,...

Help me if you can get some knowledge about the performance of Samsung Corby Pro!

Yea one at time. I have found that several slow everything down. Thanks a bunch Any that you rec omened? What about Spybot, which is free?

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Our personal recommendation is Mc Afee. We've been using that for years and never faced any problem regarding virus and spyware attack on our PC. Spybot is good too, and is highly recommended when it comes to selecting one from freewares.

Thnx :)

tht was smething new for me..Keep updatin. !

do not use paid anti-virus programs, not worth it when there is avira or avast

Avast is just amazing! But recently I got influenced by a friend and installed kaspersky and now I have no idea whats going on!

After each scan they give a report on what all have been detected and it scares me! However there is no option to delete them I have no clue whats happening.

If you have any idea about on how to delete viruses is Kaspersky please help me...

@Statistics Tutor:
At this point, we are sorry, we won't be in a position to comment on Kaspersky's working, because we haven't used it. However we will keep your query in mind and as and when we get to know the functionality, we will respond.

Oh yes... Never EVER install 2 anti-viruses on the same computer! I did this mistake once.
Result: the PC could not even startup... After login, you could wait for ages the startup process to complete... I waited 2 hours and nothing...

Well finally, I didn't have other choice than format the HD and restore a system backup! I could do that thanks to a "rescue drive" the backup software *forced* me to create one year earlier! Oh I remember at that time I thought: "ok, let's make this rescue thing... but I bet I will never have to use it!!!"...

Learn from other's mistakes!!!

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