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Dummy Essentials Celebrates 100!

Dummy Essentials completes 100 posts! We wish to thank all our readers for making this blog a success. 16,000 individuals from 111 countries joined us, visiting more than 29,400 pages and spending an average of 3:25 minutes on the blog. Dummy Essentials is proud to have 230 members in its family and 175 readers who have subscribed themselves to it, so far. Thanks for all the interest.
We have certainly come a long way since our first post exactly 4 months back. When we hit "Publish Post" on our first post on the 9th of June this year, we knew it was going to open up a new world. We looked at it as a way to share some information and inspiration about a subject we have become passionate about...Computers!
What we failed to know on that first day was that we would be the one receiving the gifts. For the past 100 posts you have given us the gift of immense support, you have read, listened, commented and emailed. You have become followers, friends, cheerleaders and the most incredible support system we have ever seen. We need to thank you for all your wonderful support over the past 100 posts. This is the perfect opportunity to share the 10 most read posts celebrating "Dummy Essentials - A complete source of solution to all your computer problems in a simplified manner".
Visitors to Dummy Essentials [as captured from Cluster Maps, in the last 2 months]
Visitors to Dummy Essentials [captured from Google Analytics, since the time this blog came up]
We thank all our visitors and hope to have more of you joining us in the future.
Thankyou once again for being a part of this celebration, as this is a very special milestone in the Dummy Essentials journey.

Hey u guys,nethn to do with computers n this z the place to b..congrats Pooja 4 the 100 posts n m sanguine its just the beginning...Keep it up..

happy 100th ankit and pooja! waiting for u to hit the next 100 soon.. congrats

@ Chats, Linda
Thanks a lot :)

Congratulations and Happy 100. Do carry on blogging ... we enjoy reading your posts very much!

Thanks. Would love to have you around :)

My pc will only run approx.2 minutes then shuts down however if I move the bios jumper it will run forever but only in bios window.All was ok then I opend the case cleaned dust,reset ram,chipset and cpu and put new dynex silver thermal compound between cpu and heatsink.So far I have replaced the coolmax 400w power supply with a coolmax 600w supply... systemax venture hu2 xp pro 4gb ram 3.2gb pentium d dual core cpu socket775 intel d945gpm mother board.Please help I am diabled and love this desktop pc.

@ butcher999999

Suggested a solution for you here:

very, very sweet!
Congratulations on the 100 mark. Well-earned, Ankit and Pooja! Keep up!

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