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ActiveX Control

At some point, you must have encountered this message, while surfing in Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer has blocked this site from using an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. As a result, the page may not display correctly."

ActiveX controls are small programs that create applications that work over the Internet through web browsers. Eg viewing certain kinds of files and displaying animation.

If you encounter this message it means Internet Explorer has blocked a Web site from using an ActiveX control on your computer if it feels that the Web site is trying to use the control in a way that it is not designed to be used. To be on the safer side, you should leave the Web site immediately.

If Internet Explorer default settings are on, you'll see the Information Bar when a Web site tries to: • Install an ActiveX control on your computer. • Open a pop-up window. • Download a file to your computer. • Run active content on your computer. • Run an ActiveX control on your computer in an unsafe manner.

If you wish to stop blocking file and software downloads with the Information Bar, the following procedure will allow you to bypass the Information Bar and automatically prompt you on downloading files. In the Internet Explorer, on the "Tools" menu, click on "Internet Options".

In the "Internet Options" window, within the "Security" tab, click on "Custom Level".

To turn off the Information Bar for file downloads: In the "Security Settings" window, within the "Downloads" section of the list, under "Automatic prompting for file downloads", click "Enable".

To turn off the Information Bar for ActiveX controls: In the "Security Settings" window, within the "ActiveX controls and plug-ins section" section of the list, under "Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls", click "Enable".

Incase you wish to turn off this information bar (not recommended, though) you can do so like this: Open Internet Explorer. On the "Tools" menu, point to "Pop-up Blocker", and then click "Pop-up Blocker Settings".

In the "Pop-up Blocker Settings" window, in "Notifications and Filter level"area, clear the "Show Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked" check box and click on "OK"

Once you are done with the above steps, the ActiveX Control Information Bar would not pop up, while surfing the net.


I have been getting this msg a lot of times. Now is the day and this is the site where I found the solution.

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