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Enhancing Your Desktop!

Microsoft Windows 7 is here. And around 2 months back, on November 19, 2009 to be precise, the world got its first glimpse of Chrome OS, the much anticipated, lightweight operating system for netbooks from Google. Both insist that speed, simplicity and security are the names of game. And the mantra for the morrow is: decongest, uncomplicate and unclutter. If you live with a cluttered desktop crammed with loads of icons, Fences for example, allows you to organize icons into individual sections or `containers' so that you can find what you need more easily on the desktop. Further, you can label these containers and park programmes, files, or web links etc., together. You can group items by project too if you want. This nifty free programme has a quick hide feature that fades out all desktop icons on a double-clicking as well. Want a Mac-lookalike interface? Download ObjectDock, a free programme that can replace your Windows Taskbar with a Mac OS X kind of quick-launch animated dock of shortcuts, programmes and active tasks. Not an Apple fan? Never mind. ObjectDock has several other pretty `skins' your desktop can don. The task managercum-programme launcher allows you to pick custom icons and set various animation options during mouse-over. If you find yourself spending far too much time on FaceBook, Twitter or chatting and would like to discipline yourself by curtailing your social networking, check out a programme called TimeLeft. A desktop countdown, reminder, clock, alarm clock, tray clock, stopwatch, timer, sticky note, web countdown, working days countdown and a time synchronization utility -- time-telling apps all, and all rolled into one. Each of these is customizable and can be arranged on the desktop as per individual preference. The app again is gratis and the interface is really simple and intuitive. And if you've ever wanted to meddle with the Windows logon screen itself, get yourself a free copy of LogonStudio. This one lets you create, alter and apply Windows Vista and XP logon screens. While it comes with several pre-baked options, you can use the accompanying editor to conjure up your own. Or take your pick from the thousands available online on sites like WinCustomize. Happy tweaking!

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