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RECYCLER is a hidden system folder which is used for recovery. Recycle Bin dumps files to the RECYCLER folder on empty. It appears on NTFS drives/partitions and contains a Recycle bin for every user who has logged on your computer. You might get this error message, when you select "My Computer" and double click on one of my drives with the result the drives do not open. However if you right click and select Explore they open, in a Windows Explorer window. The error message as it reads is:
"Windows cannot find 'RECYCLER\S-2-9-52-100010416-100029960-100025250-5388.com'.
Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search." The line preceeding .com and after RECYCLER\ can vary from PC to PC but that hardly matters. The basic error is the same. RECYCLER.exe is a trojan that can be safely removed from your system with this tool "Autorun eater" which can be downloaded from here: Download Autorun Eater Once you run this tool on your system and restart your PC, the next time you can open all your folders normally from My computer.

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